Bracelet with lapis lazuli and silver skullBracelet with lapis lazuli and silver skull

Bracelet with lapis lazuli and silver skull



This Perle de Jade bracelet is made from beads in lapis lazuli and solid silver (925). In lithotherapy, lapis lazuli is known to help boost creativity. This piece, with its light blue beads sprinkled with golden flecks will bring you wisdom, serenity and intuition, whilst adding a Rocker flavour to your look.
Looking for the ideal gift for your man? For Fathers’ Day? This is it!

Fall under the spell of its distinct character and order yours today on the Perle de Jade website. Your designer, handcrafted item will be carefully and lovingly wrapped in a superb, free Perle de Jade The Party Line box.
Created with Love, Handmade in Paradise

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Additional information
  • Solid silver beads
  • Lapis lazuli beads
  • Length: 18cm
  • Handcrafted item

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