boucles d'oreilles turquoise perle de jade lagunaboucles d'oreilles turquoise perle de jade laguna

“Laguna” earrings in silver and turquoise



Perle de Jade is delighted to present these magnificent earrings made from solid silver 925 and turquoise. They combine simplicity and grace for a totally natural look. Understated yet beautiful, they add that touch of chic to your outfit. Why not complete your look with another item from our turquoise collection?
Turquoise is a gorgeous, time-honoured gemstone that really sets off your skin and outfits.

When you order your earrings from the Perle de Jade collection online, you’ll receive your order in a superb, free Perle de Jade jewellery box.
Created with Love, Handmade in Paradise

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Additional information

These earrings have been created using :

  • Solid or Sterling silver 925
  • Turquoise

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