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TURQUOISE collection

Turquoise and its properties

Revered by Native American Indians who regarded it as a sacred stone, turquoise eliminates negative vibrations by transforming them into positive energy.

Turquoise and malachite are renowned for their soothing and positive properties. This is why our jewellery items with turquoise may really help to boost your well-being and sense of calm. Perle de Jade, designers of handcrafted jewellery take the utmost care when creating all of their collections. Every item is unique, elegant and born of the desire to instil something sensual …a genuine spirit of Boho ethnic chic. Each piece is made in solid silver (925) or vermeil and is created with the very greatest of care by Perla and Jade our two designers.

Any individual turquoise stone is totally unique. Its patterns, etched by Mother Nature herself, are exceptional; your piece of jewellery is truly one of a kind.

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