Women are heroes bijoux Perle de Jade

Women are heroes Collection

This collection has a specific and strong message – Freedom & Feminism.

With this collection of solid silver jewelry, it’s women who hold the power and who are heroic protagonists in life, heroines of this century. The “Women are Heroes” collection was created to recall the struggles that women have overcome to gain rights.

We wanted these items to embody strength and the will to fight: cuff bracelets, engraved wristlets, intertwining dragons, chainmail necklaces, the bird of freedom – symbols of power, feminine military tags…

“It’s the fight of the century – for us it’s important to remind the young women of our generation that women have had to fight for the rights they enjoy today. We need to follow on from our great-grandmothers, our grandmothers and mothers – carry the baton forward. We are indebted to all of the women who broke through barriers, overcame the taboos…”

“Angel” skull & cross bones ring in silver


Silver Wild Bird ring


Skull Body Chain

80,00 64,00

Bangle in silver with engraving “Women Are Heroes”

95,00 76,00

Solid silver cuff bracelet


Silver “Moonshine” necklace with Aztec pendant white quartz

235,00 188,00

“Simplicity” necklace in silver with black lava stone


Solid silver choker necklace with turquoise stone


Solid silver engraved necklace “Women are heroes”

150,00 120,00

Solid silver choker necklace


Bronze choker necklace


Cuff bracelet in silver and turquoise


« Women are Heroes » Military-style tube necklace in solid silver with skull

150,00 120,00

Silver “Nefertiti” necklace


Bronze choker necklace with turquoise stone