Collier enfant pierres quartz bleu sweetie perle de jadeCollier enfant pierres quartz bleu sweetie perle de jade

Child’s “Sweetie”necklace with blue quartz beads



Perle de Jade is delighted to present this pretty, child’s necklace with translucent blue quartz beads and 2 pendants : a pineapple and a palm tree. The collection MY BABY LOVE from Perle de Jade proposes refined and discreet, handcrafted jewellery designed specially for babies and kids .

Are you looking for a gift for a little girl or boy? These are just the perfect gifts to celebrate new arrivals, christenings, birthdays.
Your child’s jewellery item will be sent to you, beautifully wrapped, in a delightful little pouch in either pink or blue and inside a coordinated jewellery box.

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Additional information
  • Child’s neckace
  • Pendants: pineapple and palm tree in solid silver (925)
  • Catch in silver (925)
  • Blue quartz beads
  • Handcrafted item

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