The Brand

The story: family, travels and encounters

Our Story

Perle de Jade is above all the story of two sisters…well, of a whole family actually…
Perla and Jade started creating their brand when they were just teenagers with the help of their mother Karine. Inspired by their travels and encounters, living between the south of France and Bali, the whole family infuses highly original and beguiling collections with their boho spirit for adventure.
Each member of the family makes a unique and personal contribution to the creative process, adding a touch of elegance and self expression. Together, Perla and Jade have created jewelry pieces that embody the art of living on two continents.

Perle de Jade is not simply a range of stunning, solid silver jewelry but also a state of mind, a yearning for far-away places….. a shared passion opening on to a wonderful family adventure. These two young designers launched their online site in 2015, spreading the news about their brand through partners in Ibiza, Saint Tropez, Nice, Paris…. a very promising start indeed.


Jewelry, a philosophy

Their leitmotif: an item of jewelry is a personality statement and creates individual style! Long necklaces with striking turquoise stones, Sterling silver bracelets (925) engraved with philosophical, spiritual or catchy sayings……These young designers wanted to create jewelry that oozes hippie chic with a dash of boho but that is still very rock’n’roll at heart. Their collections reflect the multitude of styles that make up Womankind. Designs that intermingle Sterling silver (925) and semi-precious stones for the free-spirited.

“The Perle de Jade woman is bold, inspirational, feminine and brimming with confidence.”

The sheer diversity of the collections mirrors everything that women can be, adding that perfect finishing touch to an outfit…… Each collection encapsulates moods and moments in a woman’s life from the daytime beauty, to the slinky feline at night, to the spiritual and serene…..: the MALA bead collection made with rudraksha seeds was totally inspired by meditation and yoga practices….There are also collections that positively embody the feminist career of their mother….

“Our mother has always been a source of inspiration for us – working girl, feminist, a doting mother with a spirit for adventure. We’ve been lucky to have such a multi-faceted woman in our lives…. An independent and nurturing soul all rolled into one.”

We dedicated our “Women Are Heroes” collection to her! She brought us up with such tremendous verve. We think the real heroes of our time are WOMEN!
Perla and Jade know that each woman is unique, so they put a lot of creativity into their collections to create different styles to suit the desires and moods of everyone.


Finest quality materials and attention to detail

For Perla and Jade beauty and quality are bywords. They attach great importance to producing jewelry only in solid silver (925) and with the very finest semi-precious stones. For items that have pinker, golden hues they prefer to use harmonious metals like copper and bronze or solid silver with gold plate. For items adorned with gemstones, they choose each and every one with loving care: turquoise, amethyst, kyanite, amazonite, quartz…. Their attention to detail ensures that Perla and Jade always provide very high quality items to enthusiasts.

Unique designs and craftsmanship

Real craftsmanship is at the very heart of Perle de Jade jewelry. From the very moment the brand was created, the same craftsmen have made each item with love and care. This is a story that goes beyond a family odyssey, it’s also a tale that began 5 years ago about two designers and a group of highly skilled craftsmen: a genuine combination of talents built on trust from the very start.

From the small family workshop near Celuk in Bali (a village renowned for the quality of its silver and jewelry), Perla and Jade work unstintingly with creative flair and rigor to produce the very best items, gaining even more savoir faire along the way as they conjure up new collections. Their next collection will cleverly blend silver and gold to produce brilliant, bedazzling duos.


Perle de Jade, jewelry for the whole family

Jewelry for women, men and also for children…. Having developed collections for WOMEN, inspired by their lovely family and keen for them all to wear their designs, these young designers simultaneously launched collections for both men and kids in 2016.

THAIS, their younger sister, a cutie of 3 years, often wore her mum’s long necklaces and this was enough to convince her older siblings that it was high time to create the same jewelry for their younger sister! Mother-daughter, sister-brother, father-son…a new chapter was about to be written.
From that moment on, the entire family have worn Perle de Jade designer jewelry.